RUNNER-UP takes place during the very last episode of TV’s longest running hit reality-singing show called FINAL ICON.  Nine young singers compete to have their own reality show – the ultimate award – in this story of veracity. RUNNER-UP might be branded the “The Fall of Western Civilization” as seen through American reality television.

The youthful performers come from contrasting backgrounds, each urgently searching for celebrity as they reveal their innermost personal stories.  Clashes arise out of the competition, the manipulation of the show by its creator and host, and the desperation of the characters to win.  All of this is interwoven with a central love triangle between three finalists.  The contestants’ obsession with super-stardom – the universality of this pursuit – leads some to discover themselves, others to hang onto a dream never realized, and one who will win.

This is definitely NOT a musical tribute to AMERICAN IDOL, GLEE or  X FACTOR.  Simon Cowell would never approve – just as the Mormon Church will never bless the hit Broadway musical BOOK OF MORMON.

Timely, poignant, a little Oscar Wilde meets Voltaire meets Bill Maher – all of this topped off by Elvis, Dolly and Liza in the form of three judges/Vegas impersonators.

RUNNER-UP is a shameless musical reflection on cultural stupidity, priorities run amok, and the growing brainless triviality of a decaying society.

In fact, RUNNER-UP probes a very close look at today’s reality.